My husband and I are entrepreneurial people. We start websites and we start businesses and we love it. No, that’s too bold. We don’t love it, we just prefer it. There’s a certain feeling you get when you know that every penny you bring in is actually yours. Knowing that there is no one higher up than you that is profiting from your hard work. But there’s stress, there’s no health insurance, and there’s not much stability.

We’ve been working for ourselves since 2003, and we’ve had a lot of ups and downs. We were irresponsible with our money and our credit. We were young and immature all those years ago. We squandered much of our success. We were hit hard by the economic downturn and have been humbled. We’ve struggled to build ourselves back up and out of the hole we had dug. We did it, though. We finally did it.

We paid every last bit of debt we had. We’re debt-free. That means we are finally able to save money! Real, actual amounts of money. When we realized we had a good chunk, instead of celebrating being 50% towards a down payment on a house, we invested the

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First Birthday Party

My baby’s first birthday is just 6 weeks away, and I’m feeling the pressure to create a wonderful party for her. I know it’s more for me and the grandparents than for her, and I’m honestly not super stressed about it, but I’m completely stumped for ideas and full of questions.

How should I decorate?
Should I handmake her invitations, or buy them?
If I buy them, should they have a photo of her on them?
Should I hire a photographer for the party, or be happy with snapshots?
If I don’t hire a photographer will I be stuck behind the camera the whole time?
What should she wear? Fancy dress or normal everyday clothes?
Rent a venue, or do it at home?
Cake or cupcakes? Bake or buy?

I’ve seen dozens of blog posts about people’s amazing baby showers, crafty unique weddings, parties that seem extraordinary due to their simple details. I can’t think of any that have been about a baby’s first birthday party. So I’m calling out to you, my few readers, in search of ideas. I’m lost. I want the day to be wonderful, and I don’t want to regret missing things that should have been

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It Makes You Cry

I’ve been struggling to lose the last of my baby weight. You see, right before I got pregnant I lost 20 pounds. It was a glorious time, and I was all set to continue down the health path. Then my husband knocked me up and I became a typically ravenous pregnant woman. I gained 65 pounds during my pregnancy. It wasn’t too difficult to lose 45 pounds of that weight in the past 10 months, but that’s where I’m stalled. Right where i was before I lost weight in the first place. The weight I sat at for years. Ugh.

So I joined the YMCA, I’ve been using their gym and pool. I feel healthier and stronger, but still not any thinner. I should be more particular about what I eat, but it’s tough because I love food. I worked out this morning then ate waffles and bacon for dinner. It was counterproductive in the most delicious way. Anyway, this comic is hanging on the lockers above the scale in the women’s locker room. It made me giggle (not cry), so I thought I would share.

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On Tonight’s Plate 6

So I’ve been slacking a bit when it comes to logging our dinners. I’m doing my best, it’s just that accomplishing anything on a regular basis when you’re also parenting a baby is nearly impossible. My husband is tied up in a seemingly never-ending work project, so the baby and I are left to our own devices more often than we usually would be. Anyway, tonight we had a sauteed trio of summer squashes in browned onions, baked kabocha squash, steamed green beans with garlic. For our protein we split a steak.

Since I forgot about blogging last nights meal until just now, here it is:

Last night was a bland crappy pork chop, roasted asparagus, the same trio of summer squashes only not quite as good, and the best potatoes ever. The potatoes really saved the dinner. I’m not going to attempt pork chops with sage and apples anymore.

2 lbs yukon gold potatoes
1 onion
1/3 pound center cut bacon

Slice your potatoes into 1/4 inch thick pieces.

Dice your onions and chop your bacon. Add both to a saute pan with a tiny bit of oil. Over med-high heat saute them until both begin to blacken. Add

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Dandelion Update

In May ago I wrote a review of some dishes I won on a blog contest. I was happy that I won, and looking forward to using the products with my baby. She just started eating solid foods a few months ago, and we’ve been using the baby feeding spoons. They’re great!

I’ve been using small ceramic or glass dishes to feed her from. Last week I decided to pull out the corn bowls so that I could let her try feeding herself applesauce from a bowl. I knew it would be a huge mess, but I wanted it to be a safe mess so I eliminated the glass by enlisting the corn. And then this happened:

That happened while removing the packaging, not even during normal child use. I assumed that being a child’s product that it would be able to stand up to being smacked around. I fully expected my baby to pick it up and smack it on her tray within seconds of placing it in front of her. I’m so glad it didn’t get that far, because those edges are sharp! She would have really hurt herself if she’d been holding that in her hands.

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New Mom Questions And Answers

When I had my child almost 8 months ago, I was completely unprepared. Of course I had a nursery ready for her, I had clothes, and I had diapers to last a year, but once she came out of me none of those things seemed to matter. I had heard about the struggle it is to have a newborn. I had heard about sleep deprivation. I thought I understood, but I really had no idea. Until you live it, there is no way to truly get it. Mo matter how prepared you believe you are, you’ll likely lose all confidence as you’re loading your 3 day old baby into your car in the hospital parking lot. I nearly had a panic attack.

In the frenzied days and weeks that followed, I did more googling than I had ever done before. The collective knowledge of the internet answered hundreds of questions for me, but also left me hanging on some. There were also things I learned along the way that I wish I had known sooner, but had not known to look for. So now I’ll add my admittedly limited knowledge to the vast resource that is the internet.

My newborn

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