I am not a fan of Starbucks coffee. I think it tastes burnt, and the only way it is drinkable is when it is made into candy. I drink my coffee with dairy and no sugar. I drink my candy at Starbucks. Trying to drink anything other than candy from Starbucks is a waste of money, because it ends up in the drain. I don’t really enjoy coffee from most places. I’d say I’m a coffee snob, but that really just doesn’t apply to me. I like Dunkin Donuts coffee and Wawa coffee just fine. I really believe, though, to get an ideal cup of coffee you must brew it yourself, because everyone’s taste is different.

That being said, today I tried a latte from McDonald’s. An iced latte, that is. Plain regular iced latte. I watched her make it, not at some fancy little Starbucks-esque type of area like I expected, just right there between the fryer and the drive-through window. She filled a cup with ice, poured in milk from a dispenser, and then filled the cup with the same coffee they serve everyone who asks for coffee. Not espresso.

Call me naive, but I expected to see an espresso machine. I mean, McDonald’s is attempting to cut Starbucks off at the knees, right? They are spending $400 million on the project! How are they going to do this without a fucking espresso machine? I mean, Starbucks sucks. It should be so easy to take them down, especially for a corporation as large as McDonald’s. I feel like they’re not even trying. And to top it all off, the “milk” they dispensed into my cup was sweetened. I watched her put zero sweetener in, and the thing was sweet. I’m sure it wasn’t sugar, and I didn’t ask for a dose of HFCS.

Conclusion? Starbucks VS. McCafe = You Lose. Go somewhere else for your joe if you don’t want to puke.

McCafe VS. Starbucks
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