It wasn’t all fabric at the thrift store. I also picked up a number of wearable items, and the most expensive item was $2.00. Above are the “comfy pants” I purchased. They’re a mix of yoga pants, sweat pants, and pajama pants. Why so many pants designed for bumming around the house? Well, simply because I spend 6 days a week at home, and I like to be comfortable.

I also got some cute skirts.

Each of these shirts cost 25 cents!

And then there’s this. It’s a summer nightgown that certainly belonged to an old lady. It’s so light it’s almost sheer, and something about it just got me. I think it’s precious.

I love this bow.

I love these pockets. Now, what am I going to do with an old lady’s nightgown? Hopefully, I won’t ruin it attempting to turn it into a sundress. Because with 18 inches off of the bottom, a smaller waist, and maybe a belt? It’s going to be the cutest darn thing around. I really need to learn how to sew soon. My lofty projects are piling up.

Another Look At Thrift
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