Never again will I make a bundt cake. Seriously, I’ve made over a dozen and have not ever successfully removed one from the pan.

Yesterday I made a Meyer Lemon Bundt with Lemon Curd Filling. It should have looked like this:

I buttered the shit out of that pan, I swear. I flipped upside down and spent a good 10 minutes trying to get that damn cake out in 1 piece. First I tapped with a spoon. Then I rapped it with a spoon. Then I slammed it with a spoon. Then I used my hands to pummel the pan. Then I flexed the pan. Then I lifted the pan and dropped it onto the rack. Then I lifted the pan and heaved it onto the rack. Then the curd started pouring out all over my counter and I knew it was done. So I scooped it all out into a baking dish, poured lemon glaze over the whole thing, and declared that I will NEVER make a bundt cake again.

It tastes delicious, by the way.

So the next time I have meyer lemons, I’ll simply make the delicious and simple Keys Style Lemon Pie that I made last week. It was wonderful and everyone loved it. Though if you make it, I advise you that the cooking time was way off. I baked mine for 15 minutes and it should have been 17.

And the glaze I used? It comes from this recipe for Lemon Sticky Rolls. My word, they are delicious. And that glaze is to die for. I immediately started thinking about different ways I could use it. That’s really what made me want to try this cake. I thought the glaze would pair wonderfully with the cake. And really, it did. It just wasn’t pretty.

Bundt Cakes
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