As I have mentioned before, when we bought our soil we got swindled. It is mostly clay, full of small rocks, and it turns into a brick when it gets wet.

The only way we can amend this is to get rid of some of it, and replace it with better soil.

Unfortunately, finances are currently impeding the process. Until we get new soil, we can’t plant our seeds or transfer our seedlings into the beds. We can’t plant our hops rhizomes, so we haven’t even picked them up yet. Since we’ve already spent $200 on soil it really hurts to have to spend even more.

Luckily, the deep parts of our beds won’t need to be altered. And really, plenty of people garden in 6 inch raised beds. That means we don’t have to do a whole lot to get them into shape. We’ll scrape off the top 3 inches or so, till up another 3 or 4 inches, then hopefully it won’t be difficult to mix the bad with the good.

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