I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit, so a few weeks ago I took a beginners knitting class with my friend and my mother-in-law. During the course of that lesson, I learned knit stitch, and also learned that I am a very slow learner. I mean, I have some seriously stupid fingers. After the first 45 minutes or so, I was still making so many mistakes that our instructor, Denise, was basically hovering behind me with corrections flowing from her lips. The other girls got to move ahead and learn purl, but not me. In fact, in the last 25 minutes, she in desperation decided to teach me Continental, because she didn’t want me to leave with zero skills. It was rough, let me tell you. I am not a natural knitter.

Despite the rough start, I went home and diligently knit a few rows a day until I got the hang of it. I now know how to do the most basic knitting. Not perfectly, by any means, but it’s a definite start. My mother-in-law has volunteered to teach me purl, and I’m excited to learn. I want to make sweaters and hats and fuzzy socks. For now, though, it’s just scarves. My mother-in-law and I are planning to have a scarf exchange for Christmas this year. I’ll make her an orange one and she’ll make he a green one. She totally a natural when it comes to knitting, so I’m getting the good end of that exchange guaranteed!

Learning to Knit
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