Are you a stumbleupon user? I am.

If you’re not, let me ask you this: what the hell do you do on the internet? Because I really can’t remember what I did before I started stumbling in 2006.

In case you’re unfamiliar with stumbleupon, it’s a “social bookmarking network.” I prefer to describe it as an amazing way to learn things, discover topics that you didn’t realize you were interested in, and keep in touch with your friends and family. I’ve made a few friends via stumbleupon, but really I use it mostly to share websites directly with my friends. My husband and I will sit right next to each other and send each other pages for hours, stopping to discuss things that interest us or watch a video.

If you haven’t used it, try it. Give it a week. More than half of the people I introduce to it continue to use it on a regular basis, and I use it for hours every day.

I was looking at my stumbleupon pages today, and for the first time decided to take a look at my tag cloud. It was a moment of revelation. I was looking at 4 years of data collected about me. I realized that I’m a lot more interested in history than I thought I was. I’m disturbed that farming is tiny, while fashion is huge. Am I that into fashion? Could it be true that I like video games just as much as science? And TV as much as traveling? I’m embarrassed that weight loss is as big as homemaking and that celebrities is there at all. Ditto for drugs. Crafts is as tiny as it could be, while politics is downright huge. I don’t consider myself to be very political, and I certainly lean towards crafty. Or so I thought!

Friends, I advise you: If you are a stumbleupon user, go look at your tag cloud. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself. And if you’re not a stumbleupon user, try it. And forget all about your tag cloud for a few years, lest you be tempted to taint it by thumbing down all of those things you don’t want to know you like.

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