Inspired by this tutorial, and stuck with a shrunken sweater, I decided to make a bag. I enjoyed it so much that I went to the thrift store and purchased a dozen or so wool sweaters, some of them for only $1! I made a bag for my friend, then one for my mother-in-law. Then I made myself another, and I don’t know what I’ll do with the rest I’m going to make. Maybe I should open an Etsy store? It was a fun and relaxing way to pass time, so I plan to make a bunch.

The first one I made, with the stripes, used to be my husband’s sweater and now it is holding all of the newly felted sweaters. The bag with the dots is pretty small. It’s funny shaped, but I like it. I’m using it now for my knitting bag. It holds two skeins nicely. The black one went to my friend, who is using it as a knitting bag as well.

Felted Wool Handbags
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