Monday May 31, 2010. Memorial Day. We departed our hotel around 8am. Our first stop was in Salem Massachusetts, to see the Bewitched statue.

Doesn’t she look just like Elizabeth Montgomery?

By 9, I was suffering from severe caffeine deficiency and requested a stop at a Dunkin’ Donuts. In New England, there seems to be a DD off of every highway exit. We stopped for gas, then continued down the road towards the coffee. When we found it, we turned the corner to park behind the store. When we turned down the street, I saw a huge mob of people. The parking lot was full, so we ducked into the lot across the street to turn around. As we did that, two police cars blocked the road that we had just come in from. The mob of people? A parade.

We drove in a huge circle, and ended up just parking and walking half a mile for our coffee. Which was fine. We got to see the parade, though I forgot to take pictures. The town was Reading, Massachusetts. Our “quick stop” for coffee and gas took about an hour, but it was a fun detour.

Next stop, Dino Haven!

Roadtrip 2010, Part 2
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