What can I say about Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Center? Not much, because he was closed on Memorial Day. We did some looking around outside, though, and there was really a lot to see. I wish we could have gone inside! I’m sure I could have wandered around for hours and still not have seen it all.

This clown silo is between the main store and what appeared to be a creepy old funhouse. Maybe it was a haunted house. Probably a haunted funhouse. Lots of people are afraid of clowns. What’s up with that? Clowns are just people with makeup on. Are they scared of drag queens and pageant contestants too? Clowns aren’t scary.

Hey look! A black guy is playing basketball in there! Maybe he’ll let us in! Oh, wait – that’s a mannequin.

A gorilla with sunglasses! Maybe she’ll let us in! Oh wait – that’s me.

You’ll see no better pictures of me than that one, because I look way too much like Dolly Dimples in photographs. They say the camera adds 20 pounds. I’m pretty sure my camera adds 200. And only to me.

The one on the right just heard what I said about Dolly Dimples. That’s her sister, and she’s not happy.

Roadtrip 2010, Part Hippie
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