Holy Land USA, Waterbury CT.

Built in the 1950’s, Holy Land USA was a thriving tourist destination throughout the 60’s and 70’s. The life, journeys, and deeds of Jesus were depicted on a trail through an area that had been transformed into a replica of the biblical lands of Israel, Syria, and Jordan.

The attraction closed in the early 80’s, and has since been reopened in Bedford Virginia. You know, in case you’re feeling like you really need a 3-mile long “spiritual journey” in rural Virginia, the holiest of all holy places. As soon as I heard about the one in CT, I knew I had to go experience it.

There’s not much I can say, except that I’m sad we missed the catacombs. I didn’t see that, and forgot to look. Not that I’d have gone in there wearing shorts and flip-flops. Okay, maybe I would have. It’s my photographer’s nature. I’ve been climbing into dark, weird, smelly, and creepy places for years, camera in tow.

It was a good place for our final stop. We had a nice walk, I jogged up a hill, and the ride through Waterbury was enjoyable. If you’re planning to go, I recommend sneakers. Even without the catacombs, it’s rough ground to navigate, and there are broken things everywhere.

Without further adieu here are the photos of the crumbling relic, Holy Land USA.

And for the curious, here’s Holy Land back in the 50’s:

Roadtrip 2010, Part Holy
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