There’s been a lot of chaos in my life lately; finances are tight, vehicles are broken/breaking, and business is slow. As such, some things have fallen by the wayside. One of which is documenting our square foot garden. I sorely wish I had kept better track of what we have done and when, as it would serve as a vital guide for next years plans. We finally got our trellis netting up on Sunday.

I know we did a lot of things wrong. We clearly started our tomato and pepper plants too early.

The tomato got nice and big, but is still fruiting too soon.

The pepper plants are pretty sad. The peppers look nice, there’s just so very few of them.

The one bursting with pale yellow peppers is a mere 14 inches tall. I’m not sure that the peppers are even the correct color. We tasted one that fell off a few days ago, though, and it was pretty darn good for an unripe pepper.

A lot of our various lettuce transplants died when we had a scorching day and no one was home to water them. We reseeded some squares (which? I don’t know. I really should have kept notes), then reseeded again just a few days ago. Our endive is doing really well, as is the “EZ serve” lettuce. The spinach is coming up nicely. Radicchio, not so much. We’re having a really hard time getting that to grow.

I’m very excited for the broccoli. I have this large one that survived from the first seedlings, and then some clumps that are growing from the first reseed. Not one of the cauliflower seeds sprouted, so the broccoli sprouts will be moved into their squares. We’ll have 8 broccoli heads, rather than 4 of each. I’m disappointed, because I love cauliflower. I’m going to try it again as a cool crop at the end of the summer. Maybe that will work.

Peas are growing! I’m wondering if I can have 2 pea plants per square, because that’s what I thinned them out to so far. I haven’t decided if I’ll remove one from each square.

Pole beans hopefully will be happy being trellis beans.

The carrots finally started coming up. It’s very evident to me now that we need a better guide than my eyes when planting in a grid. I didn’t do a very good job. Above is the best grid with the most carrots. Some of the squares are only half filled because a lot of seeds didn’t sprout. I know it’s nearly impossible to see the carrot sprouts amidst the damn rocks, but trust me they’re there.

Our grass was coming in so well, and then on the hot day that killed the lettuces our grass also took a hit. Brown dead spots everywhere! I’ll have to get more seed. And a sprinkler.

Gardening Update
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