Yesterday I sat outside for a while, listening to birds chirping loudly. Squawking, actually. My dog was near the tree that their nest is in, so I wasn’t surprised. A few hours later, though, I walked over to that area and saw a nest on the ground. Then I saw a dead baby bird. I started to cry and called my husband over to clean up the mess. As he walked towards me, I noticed another baby bird, which was still alive. I was so happy! My husband spotted a third, also alive.

I got him a roll of paper towels. Using a huge handful, he scooped the 2 living birds back into the nest and hunted around for a place to put it.

This is where it happened. The center right area, between the 2 chain-link fences, is where the nest fell. You can see how the corner of this raised patio area is sinking in. On the other side is some wood that was meant to hold back the hill, but is instead starting to bow from the pressure of the earth behind it. It’s collapsing our patio, which sucks, but it made a decent spot to put their nest.

The whole time we were working this out, the adult robin was on a branch nearby, squawking and watching us very closely.

One of the birds doesn’t look like he’s going to make it, but the other looks great.

There’s not much overhead coverage there, so they may get wet. It’s between fences and sort of elevated, so they should be safe from most predators. I hung a suet feeder very nearby so that the adults won’t have to go too far for food. Hopefully they can stay and protect the babies for a bit.

Yesterday I made this loaf of bread, which is a bit flawed because I used AP flour, not whole wheat flour. It still makes a decent sandwich and is the first successful sandwich bread I’ve made, despite it not actually being perfectly successful. Anyway, I took the end piece off and broke it into bits, scattering it all around the area that we put the nest. Hopefully they will eat some bread and suet and regain their strength.

I only wish I had recognized the bird commotion I heard as trouble; I may have been able to save the third bird, too. I’m just so glad my husband was there, I was too shaken up. I wouldn’t have known what to do on my own. I’m also thankful that Buckles didn’t kill the birds. He probably just sniffed them intensely. Some dogs would have seen them as gifts for the family. Luckily mine did not.

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