About 12 hours after I took those pictures of the baby birds my husband saved, one was gone. It was pretty apparent that he wasn’t doing as well, but I had high hopes. I guess he died in the nest, and was removed. It’s sad, but it’s nature. At least the one was still there, right?

Well, yesterday morning I went to look at the nest and it was empty. I went back inside, told my husband, and sadly went on with my chores. 20 minutes later, he comes bursting into the room saying “He’s alive! They’re all in the front yard!” I guess one of the reasons birds build their nest in a tree is to keep the babies from wandering off. Since we moved their fallen nest to an area that was at ground level (in one direction only), the little guy just hopped out, walked along the fence line, and made it into the yard. The parents were feeding him.

Saturday is the busiest day for our business, and the only day that I go to work outside of my home. We left for work with a “survival of the fittest” shrug, hoping that we’d see a bird somewhere when we got home. Really, I expected them to take the baby back to the nest. The nest was empty 10 hours later. I’m such a pessimist, when I saw an empty nest and assumed the worst.

I was wrong. The bird had made it into our back yard, I have no idea how, and was hiding out in the ivy. We were tipped off to his presence by the squawking parent nearby.

My husband walked over towards the ivy and the baby jumped out, started hopping at him, mouth open, begging for food. My husband backed away and the bird followed him! Buckles started getting protective, and my husband quickly grabbed him by the collar and ushered him inside. I was too caught up in the moment to snap a photo, though I wish I had.

With the dogs safely inside, we took our seats on the patio. I attached my telephoto lens. After what seemed like an hour (but was probably only 10 minutes), the baby emerged.

He hopped and hopped, across the yard, over to the hill.

Up the hill, and out of my field of vision.

The parent just sat on a branch and watched. We thought he would intervene, show his baby which way to go.

Finally, daddy took him a berry.

When I stood up to snap these pictures I got caught. He flew away before I could get a better shot.

After 20 minutes out of my sight, and the parent having left, I headed over to see where he ended up.

Right between our garden beds!

He ended up spending the night between the propane tanks, which thanks to Buckles is a nice dug-out nesty type of spot.

This morning he was gone. Of course, I immediately assumed he’d been carried away by a groundhog. Do groundhogs even eat birds?

No, he didn’t get eaten. I saw this guy with a worm, and knew just what he was doing.

The baby hopped his way over to the concrete gutter splash block. He’s currently being fed and protected by both parents. Hopefully I’ll get to see this guy fly someday.

The Ongoing Bird Saga
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