As I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I use a homemade DVR system. At the time of that post, we used Beyond TV as our media center.

It turned out that running Beyond TV when we didn’t have it connected to tuners for recording television made little sense. While it is a wonderful program that had served us well for years, it was just too bulky for our purposes. Since we were simply downloading and watching things, what we really needed was a file system and a viewer. Keep in mind that we were running a very old laptop as the HTPC.

So we tried Boxee, we tried Media Portal, we tried Sage TV, we tried others. Nothing really worked for us and our dated machine.

For a few months we used the standard Windows file system and GOM Player as our video. While it worked, it looked a little cheap. Okay, very cheap. I mean, who wants a plain white-with-yellow-folders menu as their media center?

A few weeks ago my husband dropped his netbook and broke the screen. He disconnected the old laptop from the TV and put the screenless netbook in place of it. Now we’re using XBMC, which wouldn’t work on the old laptop because of the antiquated graphics card. It’s just wonderful compared to the windows file system we’ve had for 6 months.

Wondering where I’m going with all of this? LM Remote KeyMap Software made by LM Gestion is the software that has allowed us to use our Firefly remote control, which was made specifically for Beyond TV, throughout this whole process.

It has worked on every HTPC application we have used. It even works in the Windows file explorer. We made a one-time donation to LM Gestion several years ago, and I honestly couldn’t be happier that we did. They keep their software up to date, and they send out a changelog every time they update.

LM Remote KeyMap is simply the best software to use if you are trying out new HTPC options and you have a remote. The free version is awesome, and does just what you want it to. And the features that donors get really makes the small one-time investment worth it.

LM Remote KeyMap Software
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