10 days ago I took this picture. I was in my crafting/storage/laundry room, working on some necklaces for my Etsy store. I made myself a lunch of blackberries, cherries, and grapes, and a huge cup of coffee. I was listening to NPR while I worked, I was content, and I thought I should snap a shot of the gorgeous colors. That blue surface is my cutting mat. My nice, clean, devoid of clutter cutting mat.

The next day I decided that my crafting/storage/laundry room just had too much stuff in it for me to continue to be productive. So I set out to solve the problem. I removed everything that was in the room, threw away half, and resolved to put the rest back in a more organized and accessible manner.

I spent the better part of last week trying to accomplish that goal. I assembled furniture, unpacked and repacked tons of stuff, threw away a mountain of papers and boxes, and sneezed 2,000 times from all of the dust.

The room I live in is complete, but my craft station looks like this:

I don’t yet know what to do with the water pump, I don’t have anywhere useful to hang my awesome paper towel holder, and I have heaped up clothes that were languishing in a box waiting for repair/revamp/reuse. It’s a mess, and I wish I were just done with it all. I’d like to get back to my crafting.

In addition to that huge undertaking, I also blanked and reinstalled my OS. I have 65 gigs of data on an external drive that needs to be transferred back to my laptop and organized into some semblance of usable information. I have yet to reinstall Photoshop, which is why all of my pictures look like crap.

Another thing occupying a chunk of my time is trying to sell my old VW. I adore the car, and really would love to keep it. My plan was to keep it until 2013, at which point it becomes a classic and will be worth more money at sale. Well, okay, my original plan was to keep it forever and someday restore it to perfection. None of these things are reasonable now, as we’re saving and planning for a homestead, a very minimal lifestyle. There will be no classic VW restoration going on in our earthbag house or on our farm.

Aside from being heartbroken about having to sell it, I’ve had a slew of problems just trying to get it sold. It was out of gas when the first people came to see it, so it wouldn’t run. I lost the title. It needed a new battery. Had to put on a new tire. I wanted to keep the plate, so I had to renew it. I’m still waiting for the title, even though I paid for express service. Basically it’s been a huge pain in the ass. At this point I’m tempted to just get it inspected and keep the thing. It’s so much fun to drive, and I love it.

My Craft Station
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