I was too optimistic; I do that sometimes. I work things up in my head to some amazing ideal, and then something ends up being off. No big deal, except when I blog about it beforehand.

Last night’s birthday dinner wasn’t everything I expected it to be, though it was still lovely and wonderful.

I was over zealous with the sausage, and ended up over-sausaging my lasagna. It was still delicious, just very sausagey. That’s what I get for posting about it before eating it. For claiming it’s perfect and never needs tweaking. This batch needed a tweak.

My dad got caught in major traffic, and didn’t get home from work until an hour after dinner time. We ate without him.

My sister got caught up at work, and she ended up 3 hours late for dinner. I microwaved her a plate, and I still got to spend some time with her on my birthday, which was great, but we were all very tired by that point and her visit was short. Also, she did not bring her friend.

My step-father-in-law was ill, and couldn’t make it. He didn’t want to risk getting me and my fetus sick, which was very thoughtful. I sent him home a huge piece of lasagna, so he’ll still get to enjoy that.

It ended up being a much smaller and more sausagey night than I thought it would be, but as I said, it was still a great night. That’s part of being a family. Even when things go wrong, it’s okay. No one complained about the excess sausage, and I did my best not to complain about my dinner consisting of 4 people rather than 8. Shit happens.

Lastly, I was so caught up in the whirlwind of prep that I forgot to photograph the finished lasagna. It’s okay. I got a pic of the leftover piece in the fridge today, so at least I have something to go with the recipe post I’m working on.

Best Laid Plans
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