I spent the morning with my mother and mother-in-law, along with my daughter. It was a wonderful morning, filled with quiche, coffee, and chocolates. I’m looking forward to future Mother’s Days, ones when she knows she shouldn’t spend the day screaming and fussing. Ones that aren’t filled with diaper rash and bottle warmings. Ones that come with handmade cards and sloppy fruit salads. Ones where we can sit and laugh and enjoy our time together. Until then, though, I’ll enjoy what I’ve got. And what I’ve got is the cutest, sweetest, most lovable infant around. Sure, she’s needy. It’s her job to be. And it’s my job to pace the floor in the wee hours, strengthening my arm muscles. It’s my job to massage her tear ducts, blot her diaper rash, file her tiny nails, wipe her chin, and scrub her scalp. While it’s exhausting, it’s also the best job I’ve ever had.

My First Mother’s Day
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