My posting has been skimpy lately. I’m sad about that, because I was hoping to better document the time that is my transition to being a parent. It’s been overwhelming, though, and I’m just not able to keep up. A lot of things have fallen by the wayside. Recipe creation, crafting, daily chats with my best friend, my exercise and nutrition goals… Blogging just one of many.

One of the things I’m having the hardest time keeping up with is gardening. We tried really hard to get everything ready in the weeks leading up to the birth. The weeks that followed it were virtually gardenless. It’s tough to balance a newborn with anything, especially the first time out of the gate. A groundhog destroyed almost everything, which just completely drained my garden reserves. We almost abandoned it altogether.

Happily, we managed somewhat of a comeback. I took our one lone bean vine and re-wrapped it up the trellis. It came back stunningly, and we’ve had many beany meals. Our herbs fared amazingly, the only one the groundhog really damaged beyond repair was the tarragon. The carrots tried and tried, but their tops kept getting eaten off. After the third time we just called it quits and pulled them all up. It made for 1 large side-dish of sauteed legitimate baby carrots. Kinda skimpy for a carrot harvest, but at least we got one, right?

I don’t know what it is with us and tomatoes, but we seem to be the only people unable to grow them. Even the few fruits our plants have managed to produce just refuse to ripen. They’re just as green as the vines they were hanging on. Though while the tomato numbers are skimpy, the tomato sizes sure aren’t. Today we harvested the largest tomato I’ve ever seen.

This thing is huge. Crazy huge. I have no idea if it’s actually going to ripen or if it will just rot. If it does ripen, will it even taste good? I don’t know. All I do know is that it’s larger than my baby’s head.

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