NaBloPoMo wants to know whether I prefer computer or paper when I write. Are there really people left that prefer paper? I used to spend hours writing in notebooks. Now I get a hand cramp writing a thank you note. I totally prefer a keyboard. Completely unrelated to this question, I’m going to review a baby produce that I adore.

My baby fidgets in her sleep. She was 8 weeks old before we moved her into her own bedroom, into her crib. Approximately 2 days later we were forced to remove her crib bumper because she’d fidget herself into a corner, with her face up against the side of the crib. After a few mid-night wake ups it just got too scary to continue allowing her to stay with a potential suffocation hazard in her bed. So the bumper went.

The following nights were littered with sudden panicky screams emanating from her room, due to an arm or a leg being caught between the slats. It was awful to witness. Especially when she has just been sleeping for 7 hour stretches and now couldn’t make it more than 3. Something had to be done.

So I did some research, and found the Breathable Baby Mesh Crib Bumper. This thing was a damn lifesaver. Seriously, it probably saved my baby’s life. It also saved my sanity.

Even now at 7 months old, it’s still handy. She recently started sleeping through the night consistently. One of the things that make this possible is having a bunch of pacifiers “sprinkled” around her. That way when she wakes up she can easily find one and go back to sleep. The bumper prevents the pacifiers from falling out when they make their way to the edge of the mattress.

If you’re pregnant, or a new parent, or looking for a fantastic baby shower gift, you should really consider getting the breathable baby bumper. If you have it on hand when you need it you won’t have to pay double to get it overnight shipped like I did.

The Best Crib Bumper
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