Tonight’s dinner was nothing to be proud of. Sure, the stuffing was good, but it was just modified Stovetop (a guilty pleasure for me). The sauteed garlic spinach was tasty, but nothing special.

Those wedges you see there are kabocha squash, which was new for me. I’d never heard of it or tasted it before. I often can’t pass up something new I see in my produce store, and this was one of those times. I overcooked it, so it was dry, but it still had great flavor. It really reminded me of chestnut. I’m looking forward to trying it again, and doing it right.

The big disappointment of the plate was the pork chop and apples. I seasoned the chop simply, with just sage, salt, and pepper. It ended up being bland and unattractive. Why did I not sear it beforehand? I don’t know. Most of the sage flavor ended up in the apples, which was unappealing. The apples gave off a lot more water than I had anticipated, and the pork chops ended up steaming in their shared dish. Total failure. Just like my attempt at daily blogging for NaBloPoMo. Life got busy, my husband had a birthday, and my time got lost.

But wait, there’s more! The leftover stuffing will be turned into heaven tomorrow’s blog post. Stay tuned.

On Tonight’s Plate 2
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