My baby’s first birthday is just 6 weeks away, and I’m feeling the pressure to create a wonderful party for her. I know it’s more for me and the grandparents than for her, and I’m honestly not super stressed about it, but I’m completely stumped for ideas and full of questions.

How should I decorate?
Should I handmake her invitations, or buy them?
If I buy them, should they have a photo of her on them?
Should I hire a photographer for the party, or be happy with snapshots?
If I don’t hire a photographer will I be stuck behind the camera the whole time?
What should she wear? Fancy dress or normal everyday clothes?
Rent a venue, or do it at home?
Cake or cupcakes? Bake or buy?

I’ve seen dozens of blog posts about people’s amazing baby showers, crafty unique weddings, parties that seem extraordinary due to their simple details. I can’t think of any that have been about a baby’s first birthday party. So I’m calling out to you, my few readers, in search of ideas. I’m lost. I want the day to be wonderful, and I don’t want to regret missing things that should have been obvious. If you have any ideas or resources for me, please comment or drop me a line. I need help.

First Birthday Party
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