I’m 31, female, married. My husband and I own a small business. We’re currently sharing a home with my parents while we save to buy our own. I do the business end of our business from home, my husband and parents all go out to work all day. I’m a housewife. I cook for a family of 4 every day, and I love it. Cooking is a ton of fun for me, and I’m getting better baking every day. I do homestead-style things like garden and make soap. I sew poorly for entertainment, I like cartoons, I love Star Trek, I adore the color green, and I love animals. We have 2 dogs and 4 ferrets in the house. I used to be a great photographer, back when people used film. I could handle film and film cameras like a pro when I was 16. However I took a break to be an irresponsible 20-something, and when I came back the whole thing had gone digital on me. After a few years of intimidation, I’m giving it a go. Hopefully the quality of photos here increase as time goes on.