Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods

Last week I won a contest on Cat’s blog, Neo-Homesteading. I won a bunch of kid-friendly utensils made by Dandelion. How awesome is that?

Dandelion makes eco-friendly products for babies, all BPA-free. The forks, spoons, bowls, and plates I received are all made from corn. These are things I can feel safe putting my baby’s food on, things I won’t fret about putting into my baby’s mouth. It’s not just baby food related products they make, either. They also carry toys, teethers, clothes, bags, and books.

I like the company, because they are family owned, and they give back to the community and the world. They contribute to a number of charities, and they’re a member of the Organic Trade Association.

I’m so happy to have won this contest at such an opportune time. In just a few short months I’m going to be transitioning my baby from breast milk to solid foods, and this is just the sort of thing I’ll need. While I’m still disappointed about my inability to use my food processor, I do have a blender that will be perfectly safe. Combined with the Dandelion products, I can be assured that my baby

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Flax Seed and Healthy Digestion

If you’re sensitive about bodily functions or easily grossed out, skip this post. I’m going to talk about poop.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant, and I’ve been having problems with constipation throughout my pregnancy. It started almost as soon as I got pregnant, actually. Initially it was due to hormonal changes. It happens to everyone, I’ve been told.

Not only does it happen to everyone, it happens for good reason. By slowing down your digestion, there is more time for you and the baby to absorb the nutrition from the food you eat. The longer it’s in your system, the better for you it is.

As the baby grows, your organs become more and more compressed, putting pressure on your digestive tract, stopping things up even more. In addition to needing more nutrients and providing healthier calories for your baby, this slow digestive tract is a great reason to eat vegetables. Fiber, people! More fiber!

When I was around 4 months pregnant I ate a sweet potato for lunch and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had an easier time in the bathroom later that day. I had a sweet potato the next day for lunch as well, to see

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Kitchen Aid and BPA

I was lucky enough to win a KitchenAid 9-cup food processor at the Big Summer Potluck in August. I’d never won anything before, and had also never owned a food processor. I was delighted, especially since the potluck took place just 5 days after I learned of my pregnancy.

I think it’s important for things to be natural, which is why I’ve always planned to breastfeed and to make my own baby food. As soon as I saw the food processor I knew I wanted to use it to make food for my daughter as soon as she’s ready to start eating solid foods.

There are a lot of benefits to making your own baby food. One, of course, is that you know exactly what your child in consuming. No preservatives will be eaten without your knowledge, no bad batches of tainted food will make it to her mouth, your kid will learn to like the foods you make (prepared with the same herbs and spices that you cook with just by simply mashing up some of the dinner you’ve made), and no hormone-affecting BPA will be making its way into her system.

Wait, are you sure about that last

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