Last month I went to the Big Summer Potluck, where I met all sorts of wonderful women. I’ve been meaning to write a post about it, but have been quite sick and tired from my pregnancy. Suffice to say it was a wonderful day, and I can’t wait for the next one.

While I was there, I got to meet two incredibly inspiring women whose blogs I have been reading for some time, Alice from Savory Sweet Life and Erika from The Ivory Hut.

See? I was so excited I asked someone to take my picture with them, and I never want my picture taken.

A few days ago Erika suffered a terrible loss, when her home burned to the ground. Alice teamed up with Maggy Keet of Three Many Cooks, who by the way did a fantastic job organizing the Big Summer Potluck, to create Friends of Ivory Hut. There they are raising money to help Erika and her family get back on her feet.

I wish I could do more to help, but my meager donation is all I can do in this economy with my ailing business and growing fetus. I do

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10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong

I guess this originally came from someone’s facebook page, but as I don’t do facebook I cannot link directly to it. Still, I thought it was so wonderful when I saw it on another site that I wanted to repost it. Follow that link for links to the original posting on facebook.

I feel very strongly about this issue. I believe everyone should have the right to marry. I simply can’t understand why anyone would have a problem with it. I believe that in 50 years the people who publicly oppose gay marriage are going to look just like the people that opposed blacks and whites attending the same schools: foolish and ignorant. They should be embarrassed for being discriminatory. In the future people will look back and say, “How did people actually state these feelings aloud and in public? What were they thinking?!” If you don’t believe me, simply take a look at this picture:

How disgusting and irrational do those people look to you? With that said, I give you this:

10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong

01) Being gay is not natural. Real Americans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditioning.

02) Gay

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Potlucks, Blogging, and Anxiety

I’ve always had a bit of social anxiety. It’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older, and I can only imagine that by the time I’m of retirement age I’ll be one of those ladies who only leaves her house to feed the birds in the back yard. You may think that’s sad, but I actually quite like being at home. And I love birds.

I’m good around my friends, and most of my husband’s friends, but that is about as far as it goes. Even when I’m face to face with one of my own parents I suffer from loose lips that come from having nothing to say. It’s terrible. I have spoken such gems as, “It’s hot out there in the heat when it’s this hot outside,” and, “Why can’t we hunt whales, anyway?”

It’s even harder with distant family members, or certain in-laws. I feel like these people don’t actually know me, and wouldn’t care to actually know me. I say silly and pointless things like, “Oh, I love to shop,” when in reality I’m far more thrifty than a shopping-lover can be. It actually pains me to spend money. Another thing I do is self-deprecate when I’m

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I Sold The Car

I shed a tear when I walked away from the man that bought my car for his wife. I loved that car. Still do. It was cute and young and fun… Three things I used to be and sometimes feel that I’m just not anymore.

As a 20-something it was perfect. My sister and I drove from Pennsylvania to Minnesota and back in that car, with the top down the whole way. Oh, the sunburn.

That car contributed to the air of coolness that surrounded me when my husband first decided he was interested in dating me.

In our early years together we spent countless nights driving around with the top down. He’d drive so I could watch the stars. We’d be covered in ashes when we got home, because smoking in a convertible is a messy affair. Once, on a day trip to the northern rural parts of our county, we were driving down a road that was intersected by a creek. We saw a sign that said “Creek Ahead” and thought, “Nah. They can’t mean in the road.” They did. There was a creek crossing right over the road. We took off our shoes and walked out, to

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The Sesame Street Cookbook

The Sesame Street Cookbook was first published in 1971 by the Children’s Television Workshop. The copy I have was published in 1978, the year of my birth. It was illustrated by Robert Dennis and written by Pat Tornborg. While the book is adorable, teaching lessons about utensils, tools, and cleaning, as well as cooking, most of the recipes are downright awful (sorry Mr. Tornborg!). My husband came away from his reading nauseous, though he admittedly has a weak stomach. Shall we take a tour of the book?

Here Bert and Ernie show you what all of the tools are called.

I gagged a little when I read “popcorn pudding.” Don’t feel bad if you did too, it’s a natural reaction.

The kitchen vocabulary list is great for a child. Sesame Street really knows how to educate!

Safety tips and general cooking advice. Always gather your ingredients before you start! That’s the best piece of advice I or Sesame Street or your grandmom will ever give you.

Could this be grosser? I think not.

A basic tossed salad. Sure, why not have a recipe for that?

Remember how much Oscar loved sardines? I thought it was so gross that my dad

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Stuff You Don’t Know You Need

I was inspired by Susi’s post about this cookbook stand. I have long suffered the always-closing-cookbook, but had just never thought about the possibility of there being a solution to that problem.

When my husband was a child, he would visit his maternal grandmother often. I wish I could have met her. I came along too late in my husband’s life, and she left this world too soon. I have bits and pieces of her; a coat, a necklace, a brass lighter, a few German words in my vocabulary, a mother-in-law who cooks like a champ. What I have the most of is the stories.

Almost every story involves the kitchen. She was an amazing cook. She made a salad dressing so good that children would show up and beg for her salad. I think one of the most amazing things she had was an immense trust in her grandchildren. She must have believed them to be smart and capable people, even at the young age of 5. Why? Because one of the things she would have them do is pit cherries. With a paring knife. Can you believe that? A paring knife!

I wouldn’t trust myself to use

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