I walked into the laundry room and saw a huge spider. Mega spider. The sort of spider an arachnophobe dreads finding in her home. I yelled for my husband, also an arachnophobe.

“I’ve got a spider I need you to kill, and you’re not going to like the look of it!”

He saw it, shuddered, and found something to kill it with. It was in an awkward spot, perched high up in the corner behind the washing machine. I left the room, because if there’s anything worse than seeing a giant spider in my laundry room it’s seeing a giant spider move in my laundry room.

I’m safely out of the room, playing with the baby, when I hear, “Whoa! The fucker jumped at me!” This is totally not what I wanted to hear, and I said as much.

“Well, he’s gone,” says my husband.

“Gone?” I query. I’m completely unsatisfied with this.

“He jumped at me, and then dropped behind the washing machine. I’m not going to pull the washer out to hunt for the spider. He probably crawled into a dark crevice. I’m sure you’ll never see him again.”

I’ll spare you the whining and sniveling that came

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The NaBloPoMo prompt of the day is this:

Making family time is important to me. How do you balance your children, relationship, and work life?

This is actually an issue I suspect I’ll be dealing with soon. Being a new mom, I’m probably still in the honeymoon phase. When I think of the possibility of putting my baby in day care, I shudder. I love that I get to spend all of my time with her, that I am her biggest influence, that I see every tiny step she makes towards being a walking talking person. I’m thrilled that I have the ability to do my small job from home, supporting the small business that makes a living for my family. If my husband weren’t such a hard worker, I wouldn’t have the wonderful opportunity to be a full-time mom.

That being said, I can count on one hand the number of hours I’ve been able to go out without a baby for something that isn’t household related. I’m a homebody, so this maybe isn’t as bad as it would be for the average person. Still, though, I do miss being able to spend time doing things other than momming.

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The Best Crib Bumper

NaBloPoMo wants to know whether I prefer computer or paper when I write. Are there really people left that prefer paper? I used to spend hours writing in notebooks. Now I get a hand cramp writing a thank you note. I totally prefer a keyboard. Completely unrelated to this question, I’m going to review a baby produce that I adore.

My baby fidgets in her sleep. She was 8 weeks old before we moved her into her own bedroom, into her crib. Approximately 2 days later we were forced to remove her crib bumper because she’d fidget herself into a corner, with her face up against the side of the crib. After a few mid-night wake ups it just got too scary to continue allowing her to stay with a potential suffocation hazard in her bed. So the bumper went.

The following nights were littered with sudden panicky screams emanating from her room, due to an arm or a leg being caught between the slats. It was awful to witness. Especially when she has just been sleeping for 7 hour stretches and now couldn’t make it more than 3. Something had to be done.

So I did some research, and

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My daughter is almost 7 months old now, and is sleeping through basically every night. With this new development comes new freedom. For what feels like my whole life, but could not have been any longer than 7 months, my evenings would go something like this:

4:00-6:00 Cook dinner
6:00-6:30 Eat dinner
6:30-7:00 Walk in circles holding baby
7:00-8:00 Put baby to bed
8:00-8:30 Clean kitchen
8:30-9:00 Sit on couch and stare at TV for 30 minutes (if lucky)
9:00-9:30 Shower, maybe
9:30-10:00 Go to sleep

Now, she’s going to sleep with nearly no problem, so I’m done with that by 7:30. Half of the time my husband does it, so I can get straight to the cleaning. There’s no extended period of re-entering her room due to wailing, she pretty much just sleeps.

This means I have more time in the early evening, which is fantastic. Also, since I’m no longer waking up to feed her several times during the night, I don’t have to go to bed so early. My revised bedtime? 11pm!

What to do with my time from 8pm until 11? Well, some of the time is reserved for showering. I hope to make that a

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Mega Tomato

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of a giant tomato from my garden. It was still green, so we put it in a bag with some apples and bode our time. Lo and behold, the tomato ripened into the glorious yellow beauty it was meant to be.

We sliced it up, unsure of what we’d find. Would it be ripe inside? Would it be rotten to the core?

Perfect! It was perfect! But what to do with such a giant tomato?

Giant BLT!

So how was the tomato? It was delicious. Absolutely perfectly delicious. We even let the baby try it.

From her face you might be led to believe that she didn’t like it. You’d be wrong, though. That’s just the face she makes when she tries something new.

See? We took it away and she wanted more. You know you grew a tasty tomato when a baby likes it.

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First Foods

A while back I wrote a post about how disappointed I was to learn that my KitchenAid food processor bowl had BPA in it, and how dismayed I was when I learned that the company had no plans to change their product or offer BPA-free replacement bowls for sale. Those things are all still true, but we must press on.

While I’m not happy with the chemical makeup of the bowl, I’ve done my research and I know when to be concerned and when not to be. BPA leaches from plastic at exponentially higher rates when in contact with warm liquids. This is why I would not give my baby BPA plastic teething toys. It’s also why I won’t use plastic serving bowls for her warm food or plastic bottles for her milk. However, I’m not terribly concerned about the minimal contact time the food has with the processor bowl when said food is cold.

So last night, when faced with an abundance of green beans in my garden, I chopped them up, boiled them, put them in the freezer to quickly cool down, and then I processed them into a puree. And you know what? It worked beautifully. That

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