On Tonight’s Plate 6

So I’ve been slacking a bit when it comes to logging our dinners. I’m doing my best, it’s just that accomplishing anything on a regular basis when you’re also parenting a baby is nearly impossible. My husband is tied up in a seemingly never-ending work project, so the baby and I are left to our own devices more often than we usually would be. Anyway, tonight we had a sauteed trio of summer squashes in browned onions, baked kabocha squash, steamed green beans with garlic. For our protein we split a steak.

Since I forgot about blogging last nights meal until just now, here it is:

Last night was a bland crappy pork chop, roasted asparagus, the same trio of summer squashes only not quite as good, and the best potatoes ever. The potatoes really saved the dinner. I’m not going to attempt pork chops with sage and apples anymore.

2 lbs yukon gold potatoes
1 onion
1/3 pound center cut bacon

Slice your potatoes into 1/4 inch thick pieces.

Dice your onions and chop your bacon. Add both to a saute pan with a tiny bit of oil. Over med-high heat saute them until both begin to blacken. Add

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On Tonight’s Plate 5

I finally got my salad, and boy was it good. I’m beginning my foray back into the land of dairy, going slowly to make sure it’s okay. In case you’ve forgotten, I stopped eating dairy 6 months ago because my daughter (who I am nursing) was having a reaction to milk proteins. I was instructed by a GI specialist to cease consumption of dairy until “a few weeks” before her next appointment, which is December 19th. I think I cried when I found out. I’m glad it’s finally coming to an end.

I started easing my way back in last week with some processed nasty garbage that I used to love, which was mac-n-cheese from Wawa. I barely ate any of it, and was highly disappointed. My baby seemed fine with it, though. No reaction, so I get to continue.

This week I decided to do it right. I had a few ounces of chevre, and it was heaven. Assuming my baby again has no reaction, next weekend I will probably add creamer to my coffee. Black is getting kind of boring.

Anyway, back to the salad. It’s simple, pretty, healthy, and delicious. Everything a salad should be.

Spring mix

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On Tonight’s Plate 4

Pot roast, yukon gold mashed potatoes, braised onions, gravy… That right there would be a hit on its own. Usually I’d have some carrots in there but I forgot to buy them when shopping on Monday, much to my dog’s chagrin. After yesterday’s fry-fest I needed to have good vegetables. I made steamed fresh green beans tossed with Earth Balance and garlic, and I made zucchini sauteed with shallots and scallions. Easily the best zucchini I’ve ever made. Granted, I’ve only been making zucchini for about a year. And shallots make anything tasty. I’m looking forward to a salad tomorrow, though.

My general pot roast seasoning:

a sprig of rosemary
some dried thyme
a few pinches of sage
a dash of tarragon
shit-ton of fresh ground pepper
beef broth or bouillon as the liquid

After the roast comes out, sift flour into the remaining liquid while whisking. Add a bit of gravymaster if it gets too light in color. Salt to taste. This will be the best gravy ever. You’ll have tons, so freeze some for future use. Try using it with meatballs, or thinly slice up a cooked steak and pile it on a hearty bun then pour

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On Tonight’s Plate 3

This is actually last night’s plate. Whatever, though. It’s pretty horrifying, honestly, but it was fantastic. I did not get a picture of the bowl of broccoli and cauliflower I had next to my husband’s plate, but believe me when I tell you it was there and we ate it. I show you this photo not because I’m proud. I’m actually a bit embarrassed. I shouldn’t be, because we so rarely eat like this. And I was feeding my baby homemade organic baby food, so I can feel good about that. Anyway, I share this meal with you for two reasons. One, I’m honest. I’m making an attempt at documenting what I’m eating and/or feeding my family. Because so many good spur of the moment recipes get lost in the bustle of life. Not everything is a winner, and I think it’s okay to show that too. Maybe my mistakes will help people not make the same ones. Crappy food sucks. It’s a sad meal and wasted money. This, however, is not one of those cases. The second reason I am sharing this with you is this:

I have no name for it. We gobbled it all up while moaning

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Fried Stuffing Wontons

Do you have hungry people that wander around the house on Thanksgiving, mumbling about their grumbling bellies? That hover in your kitchen asking for tastes and times? Serve up a plate of fried stuffing goodness and give yourself a break. Or, if your guests prefer to starve all day in wait of the main event, make these on Friday with some of your leftovers. They really couldn’t be easier. All you need are packaged wonton wrappers, an egg, prepared stuffing, and oil for frying.

Lay your wrappers out on a flat surface. Place 1 teaspoon of stuffing in the center of each one. Brush egg white around the edges, fold, and press to seal. You can either stop there, or fold your two corners together, sealing them with egg white as well.

If you happen to have pie filling sitting around, and if you have leftover wonton wrappers, consider making dessert. I filled some wrappers with blueberry, some with cherry. I made pumpkin pie wontons, too. My personal favorite, though, was a dollop of apple butter.

Test to see if your oil is hot enough by dropping in a bit of wonton dough. It should sizzle and float to the

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On Tonight’s Plate 2

Tonight’s dinner was nothing to be proud of. Sure, the stuffing was good, but it was just modified Stovetop (a guilty pleasure for me). The sauteed garlic spinach was tasty, but nothing special.

Those wedges you see there are kabocha squash, which was new for me. I’d never heard of it or tasted it before. I often can’t pass up something new I see in my produce store, and this was one of those times. I overcooked it, so it was dry, but it still had great flavor. It really reminded me of chestnut. I’m looking forward to trying it again, and doing it right.

The big disappointment of the plate was the pork chop and apples. I seasoned the chop simply, with just sage, salt, and pepper. It ended up being bland and unattractive. Why did I not sear it beforehand? I don’t know. Most of the sage flavor ended up in the apples, which was unappealing. The apples gave off a lot more water than I had anticipated, and the pork chops ended up steaming in their shared dish. Total failure. Just like my attempt at daily blogging for NaBloPoMo. Life got busy, my husband had

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