The Ongoing Bird Saga

About 12 hours after I took those pictures of the baby birds my husband saved, one was gone. It was pretty apparent that he wasn’t doing as well, but I had high hopes. I guess he died in the nest, and was removed. It’s sad, but it’s nature. At least the one was still there, right?

Well, yesterday morning I went to look at the nest and it was empty. I went back inside, told my husband, and sadly went on with my chores. 20 minutes later, he comes bursting into the room saying “He’s alive! They’re all in the front yard!” I guess one of the reasons birds build their nest in a tree is to keep the babies from wandering off. Since we moved their fallen nest to an area that was at ground level (in one direction only), the little guy just hopped out, walked along the fence line, and made it into the yard. The parents were feeding him.

Saturday is the busiest day for our business, and the only day that I go to work outside of my home. We left for work with a “survival of the fittest” shrug, hoping that we’d see a

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Yesterday I sat outside for a while, listening to birds chirping loudly. Squawking, actually. My dog was near the tree that their nest is in, so I wasn’t surprised. A few hours later, though, I walked over to that area and saw a nest on the ground. Then I saw a dead baby bird. I started to cry and called my husband over to clean up the mess. As he walked towards me, I noticed another baby bird, which was still alive. I was so happy! My husband spotted a third, also alive.

I got him a roll of paper towels. Using a huge handful, he scooped the 2 living birds back into the nest and hunted around for a place to put it.

This is where it happened. The center right area, between the 2 chain-link fences, is where the nest fell. You can see how the corner of this raised patio area is sinking in. On the other side is some wood that was meant to hold back the hill, but is instead starting to bow from the pressure of the earth behind it. It’s collapsing our patio, which sucks, but it made a decent spot to put

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