Coffee Advice

I’m no coffee expert, nor am I a coffee snob. As I mentioned before, I enjoy Dunkin Donuts coffee quite a bit. Wawa too. There’s no shame in that. I’ve also mentioned my preference for brewing my own coffee. Some people think they need to leave their home for an ideal cup, but not me. I enjoy a cup I make myself more than one I could buy anywhere, even with cheap beans. How? Well, long ago I decided that it was very important to know how to make good coffee.

I drink several cups every morning, so purchasing it pre-brewed would be a huge expense. It would also be a huge pain in the ass, because I typically only leave my home one or two days a week. I also consider a good pot of coffee to be an essential entertaining tool. The first thing I do when I’m having company is set a pot up to brew on command. I know very few people who don’t like coffee, and those that don’t typically agree that it smells wonderful. In fact, if I’m having people to my home for the first time, I’ll brew it before they arrive.

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McCafe VS. Starbucks

I am not a fan of Starbucks coffee. I think it tastes burnt, and the only way it is drinkable is when it is made into candy. I drink my coffee with dairy and no sugar. I drink my candy at Starbucks. Trying to drink anything other than candy from Starbucks is a waste of money, because it ends up in the drain. I don’t really enjoy coffee from most places. I’d say I’m a coffee snob, but that really just doesn’t apply to me. I like Dunkin Donuts coffee and Wawa coffee just fine. I really believe, though, to get an ideal cup of coffee you must brew it yourself, because everyone’s taste is different.

That being said, today I tried a latte from McDonald’s. An iced latte, that is. Plain regular iced latte. I watched her make it, not at some fancy little Starbucks-esque type of area like I expected, just right there between the fryer and the drive-through window. She filled a cup with ice, poured in milk from a dispenser, and then filled the cup with the same coffee they serve everyone who asks for coffee. Not espresso.

Call me naive, but I expected to see

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