First Birthday Party

My baby’s first birthday is just 6 weeks away, and I’m feeling the pressure to create a wonderful party for her. I know it’s more for me and the grandparents than for her, and I’m honestly not super stressed about it, but I’m completely stumped for ideas and full of questions.

How should I decorate?
Should I handmake her invitations, or buy them?
If I buy them, should they have a photo of her on them?
Should I hire a photographer for the party, or be happy with snapshots?
If I don’t hire a photographer will I be stuck behind the camera the whole time?
What should she wear? Fancy dress or normal everyday clothes?
Rent a venue, or do it at home?
Cake or cupcakes? Bake or buy?

I’ve seen dozens of blog posts about people’s amazing baby showers, crafty unique weddings, parties that seem extraordinary due to their simple details. I can’t think of any that have been about a baby’s first birthday party. So I’m calling out to you, my few readers, in search of ideas. I’m lost. I want the day to be wonderful, and I don’t want to regret missing things that should have been

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Favorite Photo 2011

I was let on to a photo assignment by Jennifer over at Bread and Putter. I met her at Big Summer Potluck 2010, and have been enjoying her recipes and wit ever since. I’m the kind of person that works best when on assignment, so I think I’ll be following Scott’s blog and attempting his assignments.

This is an especially easy one to start with, as it doesn’t require me to shoot any new photos. Picking just one favorite from the year my first child was born, however, is not actually so easy. I found out about this assignment late, sadly, and have missed the deadline. Whatever, though, I’m doing it anyway. Hopefully Scott will forgive this transgression, since I’m new to his blog.

So here it is, my favorite photo of 2011. My daughter, 6 weeks old, caught mid-sneeze.

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My New Favorite Picture

I promise, I’m not going to become a mommy-blog. I just can’t help but post an occasional picture of my beautiful little girl. She’s almost 5 months old now. The time is really flying by, but I still find myself impatient. I want her walking, talking, eating solid foods, going to college… It’s tough to enjoy the moment sometimes. This photo was taken after donning her bathing suit for her first swim. I hope my belly kisses continue to make her smile and laugh like that, because I don’t plan to stop.

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My First Mother’s Day

I spent the morning with my mother and mother-in-law, along with my daughter. It was a wonderful morning, filled with quiche, coffee, and chocolates. I’m looking forward to future Mother’s Days, ones when she knows she shouldn’t spend the day screaming and fussing. Ones that aren’t filled with diaper rash and bottle warmings. Ones that come with handmade cards and sloppy fruit salads. Ones where we can sit and laugh and enjoy our time together. Until then, though, I’ll enjoy what I’ve got. And what I’ve got is the cutest, sweetest, most lovable infant around. Sure, she’s needy. It’s her job to be. And it’s my job to pace the floor in the wee hours, strengthening my arm muscles. It’s my job to massage her tear ducts, blot her diaper rash, file her tiny nails, wipe her chin, and scrub her scalp. While it’s exhausting, it’s also the best job I’ve ever had.

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1 Month and 100 Posts

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since Sagan was born. And I can’t believe that this is my 100th post on this blog. Both of those facts are overwhelming me a bit right now. Of course, I’m easily overwhelmed from lack of sleep and the occasional feelings of utter helplessness. When I’m not feeling helpless in the face of an inconsolable infant, I’m completely in awe of her existence. It’s a strange mix of emotions. The following pictures are a mix of the good and bad from the past month.

She looks like she smells something funny, doesn’t she?

Enough with the pictures already!

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10 Days

My baby is 10 days old today. It’s a crazy experience, being a first time mom. It’s overwhelming, scary, exhausting, and still completely wonderful.

It’s unreal how small her hands are.

Those tiny little fingers.

And the feet.

Oh, the feet.

It’s amazing that such little feet can even exist.

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