I Sold The Car

I shed a tear when I walked away from the man that bought my car for his wife. I loved that car. Still do. It was cute and young and fun… Three things I used to be and sometimes feel that I’m just not anymore.

As a 20-something it was perfect. My sister and I drove from Pennsylvania to Minnesota and back in that car, with the top down the whole way. Oh, the sunburn.

That car contributed to the air of coolness that surrounded me when my husband first decided he was interested in dating me.

In our early years together we spent countless nights driving around with the top down. He’d drive so I could watch the stars. We’d be covered in ashes when we got home, because smoking in a convertible is a messy affair. Once, on a day trip to the northern rural parts of our county, we were driving down a road that was intersected by a creek. We saw a sign that said “Creek Ahead” and thought, “Nah. They can’t mean in the road.” They did. There was a creek crossing right over the road. We took off our shoes and walked out, to

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My Puppy is a Dog

Yesterday Buckles had his first birthday, crossing the line from pup to dog. He was born June 2, 2009, to a wiry Jack Russell in Northeastern Ohio.

We made the 9-hour drive out to get him from a rescue on August 23rd. He sat on my husband’s feet the whole ride back.

He was so small when we got him, just 6 pounds.

He grew and grew, as did his love for sticks of all sizes.

At 6 months old, he experienced his first snow.

It’s safe to say he loved it.

After months of baby carrots, he finally got a big boy carrot.

Buckles is a whole year old, now. He’s reached his full adult size of 22 pounds.

We played in the elusive and exclusive front yard as his birthday celebration.

He jumps like a Jack, that’s for sure. We love Buckles, and I’m looking forward to the next 15 years I get to spend with him.

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