Roadtrip 2010, Part Dino

My goal when planning this one-day roadtrip was to find as many stops as I could without increasing our overall drive time by much. I picked 4 places, which all combined would make our trip entirely different than the way up to Mass. was, but added only 15 minutes in the car.

What sort of kooky things are there between Boston and Philadelphia? Wells Dino Haven, for one. This place is impressive. What one man was able to create on a hill beside his house is nothing short of amazing. He started with wood, then learned to weld and moved on to metal. It is wonderful to explore, and very gracious of him to allow strangers to romp around on his property.

What you’ve seen so far can all be viewed before even entering the gate into Dino Haven. Now let me take you inside.

This guy is the first to greet you as you walk in.

I love the colors on this one.

I almost missed this little guy, he was a bit camouflaged.

There was no way to miss this family, perched on the hill. I love the blue!

Lunch time.

She likes it in the sun.

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