I’ve been tagged by Susi of Susi’s Kochen Und Backen, one of my favorite blogs. I’ve never been tagged before! There’s a first time for everything, huh?

1) What is your favorite kitchen tool to use?

My favorite and most used kitchen tools are a pair, though they don’t really belong together.

They are this juicer:

And this meat grinder:

(Excuse my messy kitchen, please. I photo’d mid lunch prep)

Also, forgive how gross the machines look. They’re not actually gross, they’re just really really old. No amount of soap and water will ever make that metal look new and shiny again, and I’m scared to do serious stiff-brush scrubbing on the paint (enamel?) finish, because of their age as well.

I consider them a pair because they both belonged to my grandmother who passed them down to my mother. Now that I love being in the kitchen, and I use these tools much more than my mom ever did, I am hoping that when we part ways she will pass them on to me.

My husband loves to use the meat grinder, so I’ll cut a pile of chunks and pass them over to him, then I’ll cut

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Stuff You Don’t Know You Need

I was inspired by Susi’s post about this cookbook stand. I have long suffered the always-closing-cookbook, but had just never thought about the possibility of there being a solution to that problem.

When my husband was a child, he would visit his maternal grandmother often. I wish I could have met her. I came along too late in my husband’s life, and she left this world too soon. I have bits and pieces of her; a coat, a necklace, a brass lighter, a few German words in my vocabulary, a mother-in-law who cooks like a champ. What I have the most of is the stories.

Almost every story involves the kitchen. She was an amazing cook. She made a salad dressing so good that children would show up and beg for her salad. I think one of the most amazing things she had was an immense trust in her grandchildren. She must have believed them to be smart and capable people, even at the young age of 5. Why? Because one of the things she would have them do is pit cherries. With a paring knife. Can you believe that? A paring knife!

I wouldn’t trust myself to use

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