Why pay for fabric when you can buy thrift store clothes to repurpose? Today I went to our local Salvation Army with the intent of finding a nice fabric to line a handbag I’m making. Look at the beauty I found!

This is a sari I got for… Ready? $1. Wednesday is family day at our Salvation Army, which means clothes are 1/2 off. So I got this whole beautiful sari for $1. It’s 2 pieces that are both 4 feet square, sewn together. This will line a lot of handbags!

This is a skirt. 100% silk! Price? $1. Seriously! When I cut it along a seam, I’ll have a piece roughly 4 by 1.5 feet. This will also be lining for a handbag or two, though only smaller ones.

And this awful thing? It’s a 3 foot long leather skirt. I have no idea who would wear something like this, but the tag called it “leather sportswear.” It looks like it’s spent a few years crumpled in a drawer. Anyone know how to get wrinkles out of thin leather? This only cost $2, and it will be turned into the outer shell of a cute orange purse or two.

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