Pregnancy Blues

I am about 8 weeks pregnant, and I’m wondering where the glow is. I grew up believing that women everywhere loved pregnancy. It’s like the world perpetuates this scam just to make sure women continue to conceive.

I’m exhausted. I’m apathetic. I’m nauseous all day, not just in the morning. I’m constipated. I’m stressed. I wake up to pee at least 3 times every night. My breasts are so sore that the simple act of walking causes me pain. I can’t cook anymore, because the sight of uncooked food and the smell of cooking food make me even sicker. I love to cook! What the hell?

A friend who is pregnant told me that she got her energy back in the second trimester. I’m anxiously awaiting that time. I’m just not myself, and life is a struggle.

I don’t have the will or the desire to do anything. I don’t want to exercise, I don’t want to blog, I don’t want to watch TV, I don’t want to play video games, I don’t want to read a book, I don’t want to stumble around the internet, I can’t even read the blogs I enjoy because so many are food

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That’s right, I’m pregnant. Surprise! I’m due sometime around April 9th.

The pregnancy is to blame for the lack of posting lately. I haven’t been able to stay focused on any one task, and I’ve been quite nauseous. Why do they call it morning sickness? For me it is lasting all day and right into the evening. I’ve actually lost weight, rather than gained it.

You should see my food-blog-packed feed reader. It’s bursting with posts I’ve been too queasy to read. I have 5 food related blog posts of my own I want to finish and publish, but I can’t seem to stomach even opening the files to look at them.

In addition to the nausea, there is the exhaustion. I’m so tired! I’ve been sleeping 10 hours a night, and spending a lot of time collapsed on the couch.

Oh, right, there’s also the excitement. I’ve always wanted to be a mom, and with my 32nd birthday around the corner it’s about time, right? I wish they could tell me today whether it is going to be a boy or a girl. We’re hoping for a girl. I can’t wait for the day we find out.

My anxiety

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