My Puppy is a Dog

Yesterday Buckles had his first birthday, crossing the line from pup to dog. He was born June 2, 2009, to a wiry Jack Russell in Northeastern Ohio.

We made the 9-hour drive out to get him from a rescue on August 23rd. He sat on my husband’s feet the whole ride back.

He was so small when we got him, just 6 pounds.

He grew and grew, as did his love for sticks of all sizes.

At 6 months old, he experienced his first snow.

It’s safe to say he loved it.

After months of baby carrots, he finally got a big boy carrot.

Buckles is a whole year old, now. He’s reached his full adult size of 22 pounds.

We played in the elusive and exclusive front yard as his birthday celebration.

He jumps like a Jack, that’s for sure. We love Buckles, and I’m looking forward to the next 15 years I get to spend with him.

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