Dandelion Update

In May ago I wrote a review of some dishes I won on a blog contest. I was happy that I won, and looking forward to using the products with my baby. She just started eating solid foods a few months ago, and we’ve been using the baby feeding spoons. They’re great!

I’ve been using small ceramic or glass dishes to feed her from. Last week I decided to pull out the corn bowls so that I could let her try feeding herself applesauce from a bowl. I knew it would be a huge mess, but I wanted it to be a safe mess so I eliminated the glass by enlisting the corn. And then this happened:

That happened while removing the packaging, not even during normal child use. I assumed that being a child’s product that it would be able to stand up to being smacked around. I fully expected my baby to pick it up and smack it on her tray within seconds of placing it in front of her. I’m so glad it didn’t get that far, because those edges are sharp! She would have really hurt herself if she’d been holding that in her hands.

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The Best Crib Bumper

NaBloPoMo wants to know whether I prefer computer or paper when I write. Are there really people left that prefer paper? I used to spend hours writing in notebooks. Now I get a hand cramp writing a thank you note. I totally prefer a keyboard. Completely unrelated to this question, I’m going to review a baby produce that I adore.

My baby fidgets in her sleep. She was 8 weeks old before we moved her into her own bedroom, into her crib. Approximately 2 days later we were forced to remove her crib bumper because she’d fidget herself into a corner, with her face up against the side of the crib. After a few mid-night wake ups it just got too scary to continue allowing her to stay with a potential suffocation hazard in her bed. So the bumper went.

The following nights were littered with sudden panicky screams emanating from her room, due to an arm or a leg being caught between the slats. It was awful to witness. Especially when she has just been sleeping for 7 hour stretches and now couldn’t make it more than 3. Something had to be done.

So I did some research, and

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Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods

Last week I won a contest on Cat’s blog, Neo-Homesteading. I won a bunch of kid-friendly utensils made by Dandelion. How awesome is that?

Dandelion makes eco-friendly products for babies, all BPA-free. The forks, spoons, bowls, and plates I received are all made from corn. These are things I can feel safe putting my baby’s food on, things I won’t fret about putting into my baby’s mouth. It’s not just baby food related products they make, either. They also carry toys, teethers, clothes, bags, and books.

I like the company, because they are family owned, and they give back to the community and the world. They contribute to a number of charities, and they’re a member of the Organic Trade Association.

I’m so happy to have won this contest at such an opportune time. In just a few short months I’m going to be transitioning my baby from breast milk to solid foods, and this is just the sort of thing I’ll need. While I’m still disappointed about my inability to use my food processor, I do have a blender that will be perfectly safe. Combined with the Dandelion products, I can be assured that my baby

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MozBackup Review

I’ve been having ever-worsening computer problems over the past several months. My power settings weren’t remaining as I set them. I stopped being able to use the “restart” option, because when I would do so my computer would freeze on the “logging off” screen and sit there for 16 hours. My folders stopped refreshing themselves when I would make a change. A slew of other things added to this, and I decided it was getting time for a fresh start.

I’m a pro when it comes to backing up data and reinstalling my OS. I’ve done it no less than 100 times since I got this laptop in 2008. Most of those times were attempts to run Linux as an alternative to the Vista I was sold with the computer. I’m not one of those Linux nuts. Frankly, I prefer the ease and usability of Windows. Vista, however, was a trainwreck on this computer. I had every single problem possible with that damn OS. Since my computer isn’t a standard brand, and has some funky extra doodads and whatzits, every Linux we tried failed in some way.

Anyway, as soon as it was available I got myself a copy of

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