More Felted Handbags

It’s Mother’s Day!

This bag is for my mother-in-law, Paula. She is hands-down the coolest lady you could ever have as an in-law. She is smart, hilarious, crafty, talented, creative, and her cooking blows mine out of the water.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have Paula as a part of my life.

This bag is for my mom, Kathie. She’s witty, intelligent, funny, caring, responsible, beautiful, and incredibly generous.

The button is special, because she’s married to a sailor.

This bag is for my sister. She’s not a mom, thankfully, she’s only 23. I could hang on to it for 6 weeks until her birthday, but If I see her before then I’ll probably just give it to her.

I’m very impatient, you see, when it comes to gift giving. I don’t think my husband and I have successfully waited for Christmas or a birthday once since we met 8 years ago. This past year we didn’t even wait until “Christmas Eve Eve” as we usually do. I think we gave our gifts to each other on December 7th.

I don’t know who this one is for. I might give my sister a choice as to which one she

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Felted Wool Handbags

Inspired by this tutorial, and stuck with a shrunken sweater, I decided to make a bag. I enjoyed it so much that I went to the thrift store and purchased a dozen or so wool sweaters, some of them for only $1! I made a bag for my friend, then one for my mother-in-law. Then I made myself another, and I don’t know what I’ll do with the rest I’m going to make. Maybe I should open an Etsy store? It was a fun and relaxing way to pass time, so I plan to make a bunch.

The first one I made, with the stripes, used to be my husband’s sweater and now it is holding all of the newly felted sweaters. The bag with the dots is pretty small. It’s funny shaped, but I like it. I’m using it now for my knitting bag. It holds two skeins nicely. The black one went to my friend, who is using it as a knitting bag as well.

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Why pay for fabric when you can buy thrift store clothes to repurpose? Today I went to our local Salvation Army with the intent of finding a nice fabric to line a handbag I’m making. Look at the beauty I found!

This is a sari I got for… Ready? $1. Wednesday is family day at our Salvation Army, which means clothes are 1/2 off. So I got this whole beautiful sari for $1. It’s 2 pieces that are both 4 feet square, sewn together. This will line a lot of handbags!

This is a skirt. 100% silk! Price? $1. Seriously! When I cut it along a seam, I’ll have a piece roughly 4 by 1.5 feet. This will also be lining for a handbag or two, though only smaller ones.

And this awful thing? It’s a 3 foot long leather skirt. I have no idea who would wear something like this, but the tag called it “leather sportswear.” It looks like it’s spent a few years crumpled in a drawer. Anyone know how to get wrinkles out of thin leather? This only cost $2, and it will be turned into the outer shell of a cute orange purse or two.

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