MozBackup Review

I’ve been having ever-worsening computer problems over the past several months. My power settings weren’t remaining as I set them. I stopped being able to use the “restart” option, because when I would do so my computer would freeze on the “logging off” screen and sit there for 16 hours. My folders stopped refreshing themselves when I would make a change. A slew of other things added to this, and I decided it was getting time for a fresh start.

I’m a pro when it comes to backing up data and reinstalling my OS. I’ve done it no less than 100 times since I got this laptop in 2008. Most of those times were attempts to run Linux as an alternative to the Vista I was sold with the computer. I’m not one of those Linux nuts. Frankly, I prefer the ease and usability of Windows. Vista, however, was a trainwreck on this computer. I had every single problem possible with that damn OS. Since my computer isn’t a standard brand, and has some funky extra doodads and whatzits, every Linux we tried failed in some way.

Anyway, as soon as it was available I got myself a copy of

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LM Remote KeyMap Software

As I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I use a homemade DVR system. At the time of that post, we used Beyond TV as our media center.

It turned out that running Beyond TV when we didn’t have it connected to tuners for recording television made little sense. While it is a wonderful program that had served us well for years, it was just too bulky for our purposes. Since we were simply downloading and watching things, what we really needed was a file system and a viewer. Keep in mind that we were running a very old laptop as the HTPC.

So we tried Boxee, we tried Media Portal, we tried Sage TV, we tried others. Nothing really worked for us and our dated machine.

For a few months we used the standard Windows file system and GOM Player as our video. While it worked, it looked a little cheap. Okay, very cheap. I mean, who wants a plain white-with-yellow-folders menu as their media center?

A few weeks ago my husband dropped his netbook and broke the screen. He disconnected the old laptop from the TV and put the screenless netbook in place of

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